Saturday, 20 October 2012

Onion juice for healthy long hair

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I have been reading on the internet about how Onion juice work wonders to treat hair loss, baldness, or bald spots, so I thought I should try it. I’m still at the beginning and still my hair falls out, but my hair is more moisturizer, and my scalp feels clean, so I should continue using this recipe for best results.

Onion juice:

First extract the juice:

Here's three ways to extract the onion juice that you can use:

Using the blender: 
Peel the onion, then chop them into medium pieces, you don’t need to chop them too fine, then put them in the blender, and of course set your blending machine on, repeat the blending several times, when you are done put the blended Onions in fine strainer over a small bowl and let the juice drip into the bowl.

Using the juicer:
Take those peeled onions and cut them in small pieces, then put them into the juicer, and there you go you have blended onion and strained as well.

Using the grater:
I personally use this method to extract maximum juice from the onion, so peel some onions and cut them in quarters, grate the onion over a bowl to collect the juice pulp and then strain. I should mention that this method might make your eyes all watery and red; it might help gum chewing to keep from crying , because it produces salvia, which leads to swallowing, and swallowing holds the tears (according to

How to use the onion juice:

At the first divide your hair into two sections then divides each of the two sections in half (for a total of four sections), then apply the onion juice on your scalp not on your hair massage gently your scalp; leave it on for 15 Minutes till 1 hour, then rinse your hair well, apply it daily and after 2 weeks ( at least) you will see GREAT result.

About the SMELL, a lot of people ask if this stinky smell will go after washing the hair. I personally when I tried this stinky recipe and left it on for about 1 hour and half then I rinsed my hair with shampoo and conditioner that the stinky smell disappeared, so just use a shampoo that smells great and it smells stays on your hair; with a conditioner, such as  “Garnier Fructis”, “Herbal Essences”, “Elsève” or other product that you like.

Why you should try this stinky recipe:

 It’s cheap, easy to make, and working. So before you consider spending a lot of money on chemical product, try this recipe.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of results do you see ? :)

Thank you.

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